Addiction Reference Articles

A Review of African American Family Services in Minnesota

The African American Family Services (AAFS) works with people in need that are affected by mental illness and addiction, giving them the resources needed to foster hope, empowerment, and wellness. They work with individuals, families and communities taking a holistic approach and providing culturally-specific chemical and mental health services that impact family preservation and promote community-based change and wellness.

AAFS is a nonprofit organization that provides outpatient chemical dependency treatment to adults, adolescents, and clients with children, and clients with mental health disorders. At AAFS, they realize that every person is different therefor treatment is designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

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A Review Of Bridgeway Counseling Services INC Saint Charles Center

Bridgeway was launched in 1978 and since has grown into a multi-service wonderful organization. Bridgeway Counseling Services utilizes a comprehensive recovery plan for individuals in need of treatment for addictive disorders, sexual assault, and domestic violence. This successful agency cares about their community and offers a wide range of treatment for people in need.

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A Review of ABC Sober Living in California

The Soledad House is an ABC Sober Living Property and is San Diego’s premier residential recovery program that emphasizes relapse prevention treatment for women who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Soledad House is court approved and state licensed and offers women a safe environment encouraging them to embrace a life free from addiction.

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A Review of Circles of Hope Psychotherapy and Addictions Therapy

Circles of Hope offers people in need Comprehensive Counseling Services serving the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan area. George L. Wheeler, Sr. is the director with a vast amount of credentials which include:

  1. Licensed Psychologist in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland
  2. Psychology Doctorate
  3. Master of Business Administration
  4. Masters of Developmental Psychology
  5. Masters in Counseling Psychology
  6. Post-Masters in Addiction Counseling
  7. CEAP Which is a Certified Employment Assistance Professional
  8. SAP Which is a Substance Abuse Professional
  9. A Certified AIDS-Awareness Instructor
  10. Licensed Emergency Technician
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A Review of ServiceNet in Massachusetts

There are a wide range of services available for people in the Pioneer Valley provided by ServiceNet. ServiceNet provides effective and responsive clinical, residential, rehabilitative, recovery and support services for people in need. Their staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, physical and occupational therapists, and administrative and support staff are dedicated to helping adults, children, and families enhance their quality of life.

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A Review Of Alternative Care Treatment Systems (ACTS)

Alternative Care Treatment Systems (ACTS) provides person-centered, mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse services for those in need of treatment. They provide high quality services helping people with disabilities improve their lives in a caring and loving atmosphere.

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A Review of Midwest Rapid Detox

Addiction to Opiates is continuing to increase throughout the world and is a major health problem that affects everyone. It doesn’t matter if its heroin, methadone, painkillers or other opiate based drugs and medicines, the symptoms and the illness of addiction are very similar.

Midwest Rapid Opiate Detoxification Specialist LLC (MRODS) is a safe and effective method of rapid opiate detox as well as a sound continuing care recovery program. The naltrexone implant is also offered to their patients to ensure relapse prevention post detox. MRODS helps their patients find freedom from the miserable withdrawal symptoms of opiate based drugs.

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A Review of the Crisis Center of Johnson County in Iowa

What you will find at the Crisis Center of Johnson County are extremely compassionate people who are passionate about what they do. The Crisis Center values the people they help that are in crisis as ‘valuable human beings’ which is why they’re so successful. Because of the passion they have for people they’re able to excel in providing them practical help.

The Crisis Center in Iowa has come a long way, in 1970 a group of University of Iowa undergraduates needed to find a place they could go to that was safe to talk about problems they were having. They began working with Verne Kelley who was the director at the Community Mental Health Center during that time. The students established what is now known today as the Crisis Center of Johnson County.

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A Review of Addiction and Recovery Services

Individuals that experience Addiction and/or Mental Health challenges are provided the tools at Addiction and Recovery Services (ARS) that are necessary to enter into and sustain recovery from all issues that have a negative impact on their lives. Therapist Steve Brownrigg and ARS are committed to their clients and they specialize in Addictions, Substance Abuse, Mental Health Disorders and the Dually-Diagnosed Client.

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A Review of Adanta Group – Substance Abuse

Adanta Group in Kentucky is a community based behavioral healthcare company that provides quality mental health, mental retardation, developmental disability, chemical dependency, prevention, training, and treatment services in the 10 county Lake Cumberland area. There are 3 major divisions in Adanta; these include Human Development Services, Clinical Services and the Regional Prevention Center.

Adanta Group provides behavioral health services to their community and has been doing so since 1967. They see over 12 thousand clients a year in their region, and they offer a variety of comprehensive services to adults, adolescents and children.

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