A Review of Galax Treatment Center Inc Life Center of Galax

Addiction is a progressive relapsing illness that often leads to accidental death so if you’re battling this disease or if someone you know is suffering with chemical dependency seek professional help because recovery is achievable. Lifelong abstinence from drugs and alcohol is within reach when you seek help from Life Center of Galax in Virginia.

Providing superb quality treatment and care, Life Center of Galax has been assisting adults in their recovery from chemical dependency for nearly four decades. Located in the beautiful state of Virginia, Life Center of Galax treats both adult men and women suffering with any form of chemical dependency including co-existing mental health conditions.

Chemical dependency services provided by Life Center of Galax are of highest quality, individualized and include numerous levels of care. You won’t find another drug and alcohol treatment program more dedicated and committed to their client’s recovery than Life Center of Galax.

Addiction isn’t an illness that can be cured but a person can successfully overcome their use of drugs and/or alcohol for good and embrace a full life of recovery. Whether your chemical dependency involves alcohol, prescription medications, heroin, cocaine or any other drug, Life Center of Galax can assist you in achieving a life of sobriety.