A Review of Sobriety House Inc

In Denver, Colorado Sobriety House provides affordable substance abuse treatment that’s 12-Step based for adult men and women so they can have the opportunity to bring tranquility and recovery into their lives. In order for a person to reach and maintain sobriety, they have to obtain a level of treatment that’s right for them personally or long term recovery could be difficult for them to achieve.

Sobriety House has a residential and outpatient addiction treatment program so that their clients are able to obtain the personal help they need to bring sobriety and recovery into their lives successfully. Treatment programs at Sobriety House include Intensive Residential, Transitional Residential, Outpatient programs and Independent Sober Living.

Sobriety House provides a wide range of effective and necessary help to adults struggling with substance abuse and chemical dependency. Men and women are able to stop drinking and/or using drugs and live productive lives because they’re able to obtain the essential skills they need to successfully cope with challenges faced during recovery while making healthy changes.

The freedom and serenity that recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction brings is indescribable. When a person is able to live life clean and sober because they received the help needed to address personal issues and develop helpful life skills to remain abstinent, sobriety and recovery can be truly amazing. Sobriety House has been helping adults achieve a wonderful life of sobriety since 1967 and continues to do so today.