Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Alabama

The state program for rehabilitation in Alabama is designed on the guidelines set by the federal drug and alcohol abuse authorities such as the National Institute of Drug Abuse and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The program is not just about putting the patient in a treatment center and monitoring his or her condition during the withdrawal symptoms and later for relapse prevention, but there is a lot more to the program. The drug and alcohol rehab program in Alabama is actually a very elaborate program that includes a lot of aspects that can bring the patient towards a full recovery from the addiction.

The first program is definitely the detoxification program. A detox programs in Alabama includes cleansing the patient of the substance of the addiction under complete abstinence. But the patient is also put on a medication so that the withdrawal symptoms can be eliminated. This medication will depend on the nature and intensity of the addiction.

However, addiction rehab centers in Alabama actually begins with the detox program and this is definitely not the end of the whole thing. After the detox, the person is put into an extensive aftercare program, where he or she is coached on how to overcome the urge for the addictive substance so that a relapse does not occur. Through group therapies and individual therapies, this point is driven home. The person’s family is also counseled so that they can better address relapse issues if any. Also, the person is counseled on how to fit back into society.