A Review of Adult Addiction Clinic in Maryland

The Department of Health in Maryland provides their residents with education, referrals, screenings and treatment when needed in order to help them stay as healthy as they can be. Their Behavioral Health Bureau focuses on the health and well-being of their residents by assessing problems and promoting behavioral health through education, prevention and treatment.

There are 3 major programs offered by the Bureau which includes Adolescent and Family Services, Adult Addiction Services, and Community Treatment Services. They also administer grants that provide services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and for children who are grieving due to the loss of a family member.

Adult Addiction Services

Adult Addiction Clinic in Maryland is a clinic that provides outpatient treatment programs for adults that have formed addictions to narcotic drugs like heroin. Their treatment program offers buprenorphine and methadone which is combined with individual, group and family counseling.

The program at Adult Addiction Clinic also includes education on drugs and alcohol, urinalysis for drugs, medical exams and screenings for tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV which is the virus that causes AIDS. If immunizations are needed by an adult they make sure they receive them. They will also make referrals if there are any other services needed for their patients.

Any resident of Anne Arundel County that has a dependency to narcotic drugs needs to call and get their eligibility Ok’d. Fees for services are determined on a sliding scale which is based on the family’s income.

Community Treatment Services

Their Department of Health’s Community Treatment Service Program works with their criminal justice system and community agencies focusing substance abuse. Their focus is on stopping the abuse of substances and the effects that substance abuse has on criminal activity, health care, employment, parenting and other concerns. They have an Assessment and Referral program that provides:

  1. Substance Abuse Assessments
  2. Arranges Funding for the Treatment of Substance Abuse if the Client Qualifies
  3. They Coordinate Admissions for their Clients and Make Referrals to Providers

They have an Opportunity for Treatment Fund that provides:

  1. Financial Assistance Grants for Residents Who Qualify and Meet Specific Guidelines and Require Help Paying for Substance Abuse Treatment.
  2. Pays for Treatment by Community Treatment Providers.
  3. This Fund also Monitors Treatment Providers Making Sure Clients Receive High Quality and Appropriate Care.

Substance Abuse Services/Re-Entry provides:
This service helps offenders and ex-offenders get prepared to enter back into society after their incarceration. Substance abuse education classes, substance abuse assessments and pre-release treatment planning are provided in this program.

Adolescent and Family Services

This service provides outpatient mental health and addiction services to county children and adolescents that are 5 years of age up to 18 years of age and their families. Treatment for Substance Abuse and Addiction services are offered to children 12 years of age to 17 who have problems that are related to the use of chemicals and dependency.

These services include individual, group and family counseling, drug and alcohol assessments, urine screening and information and referral. These fees are based on a sliding scale which is based on the family’s income.

Prevention and Education Services

Behavioral Health’s Prevention and Education Services provides several programs that focus on prevention and education associated with alcohol and drug use. The programs are meant to increase awareness of the nature and extent of drug and alcohol abuse as well as violence in the County. These programs include:

  1. Presentations, Training and Exhibits
  2. The Community Grants Program
  3. The Strengthening Families Program
  4. Project Alert
  5. Second Step Preschool
  6. Guiding Good Choices