Using the 12 Step Model for Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment

Almost all substance abuse treatment programs use some part of the 12 step model during the treatment process. This is due largely in part of the fact that there is a lot of evidence that shows it contributes to a person’s successful recovery over a long period of time. It is also used because the 12 step program model has been around for a long time and using it is free. Many participants find the support and sense of community a useful tool in their recovery process and long term sobriety.

As with every program for treatment of addiction, the 12 step model does have its critics. Additionally, many addicts find that the treatment program does not work for them. Usually this can be attributed to the fact that they prefer a recovery program that either does not incorporate spirituality or one that is based more closely to their own spirituality. Many also have an issue with the fact they are required to completely abstain for using any substance, even ones for which they have never been addicted.

That said everyday thousands of meetings are held and many people faithfully attend. New meetings crop all the time and new members join everyday, so obviously their are people who find this program style works well for them. In fact many drug addiction specialist view attendance of these 12 step meetings as an indication of a person’s will to stay clean and sober. As with anything it is not for everyone, but it has and does work for many people.