Using Drug Detox for Drug Abuse

When a person is addicted to drugs they usually require a detoxification process or detox before they start working on a treatment plan. Detox is the process of ridding the alcohol or drugs out of the addicts system and getting them physically stable. Detox always done best under the careful medical supervision of a specialist who deals with drug addiction, because patients can experience dangerous physical symptoms during the process. During medical detox doctors safely manage the physical symptoms caused by withdrawal.

Often doctors prescribe medication to make the safer and more comfortable for the patient. They may also gradually step down the amount of the drug or substance to ease the danger of serious withdrawal symptoms. Usually this is done by giving the patient a prescription substitute for the drug or substance. During the detox process the doctors and other caregivers will make determinations about continued care based on what they observe during the evaluation period. Generally when a person requires detox for substance abuse, they should seek inpatient substance abuse therapy after the process is complete. When you are that physically addicted to substances or drugs there is far more than just a physical addiction that needs addressing. Inpatient care can help a patient deal with any emotional and social components that may exist. On going care after inpatient care can be sought through outpatient programs and support groups. Many people also seek ongoing personal therapy for drug related issues. Drug addiction is a life long disease that requires constant vigilance.