When Someone Leaves Drug Abuse Behind to Find Recovery

Recovery is a time for celebration, as the person who was suffering from drug abuse is now free from their addiction. Sadly, people are never cured from their addictions. It is important that those suffering from drug abuse have a treatment plan to last for their lives. Recovery is a life-long plan and maintaining it is a daily ritual and habit.

When an addict finds recovery, their life can change. These changes can be positive and sometimes they can be unsettling. They can realize that relationships they have had are not positive relationships they want in their lives. They may realize they want a different career. They may realize that they want to do so many more things, now that they are free from substance abuse. While this is exciting, fresh and new in many ways it is also scary. It is like waking up from a bad dream to discover you are leading the wrong life. Now you are faced with the challenge of fixing everything. An addict must face life’s pressures now without the comfort of their favorite drug or alcohol ritual. This is a new habit and ritual for them that can be exciting and challenging. Recovery is a day-to-day battle for many addicts.

While some do not like to think about it, relapse does occur for some who drug and alcohol abusers. It can be a real blow to someone’s self-esteem to have a relapse, as well as dangerous to his or her physical health. This may even affect relationships as these people have now seen them as “abstinent” or “sober” and now they have slipped up. It is often very hard on an addict when they slip up, sometimes even much harder than the actual feeling of abusing the drug or the alcohol.

From drug addiction to recovery is certainly possible; people are doing it each and every day. People need to have hope that they too can succeed. Trusting that recovery can come, just as the 12-step groups say “one day at a time.”