Drew Barrymore and Drug Addiction Treatment

Drew Barrymore is known mostly for her movie roles; more specifically, her most current endeavors with the Charlie’s Angels movies have kept her in the spotlight since the beginning of her child star work. What many forget, however, is the fact that Drew Barrymore had to undergo drug addiction treatment. When people see celebrities who are currently clean and normal, they do not think to look back to their past. Drug addiction treatment was needed in the case of Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore’s drug addiction treatment was needed because of the incredibly early start that she had with drugs. Drew Barrymore needed drug addiction treatment because by the age of the 13, she was already abusing both drugs and alcohol. As a child star, it was even more amazing that she was suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. At that young age, many expect that any child, especially a child star, has a lot of boundaries. When the nation, and the media, are keeping a spotlight on them, things like this should be noticed.

Unfortunately, it was not noticed, and Drew Barrymore had to undergo drug addiction treatment to ensure that the problem did not get out of hand. Her career and life were in jeopardy from her drug and alcohol abuse, and drug rehab treatment was needed to save her from any further damage.

Many think that celebrities are perfect. They seem to think that these celebrities have never had to deal with any serious issues. Drug addiction treatment is an option for many celebrities. Drew Barrymore, a user before the age of 13, needed drug addiction treatment to save her career. Many others go through the same process. Drug addiction treatment is the step to take to save someone’s life from drugs.