Drug Abuse


A Review of Guildhaus Halfway House

One of the most difficult challenges recovering alcoholics and drug addict’s face is their ability to successfully maintain sobriety on a daily basis no matter how motivated they may be. Many recovering addicts don’t live in a stable atmosphere when they’re trying to rebuild their lives making it even more difficult for them to remain clean and sober from day to day. A destructive living environment can actually destroy a person’s ability to stay motivated in their recovery no matter how hard they try.

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A Review of Friendly House

The Friendly House has been assisting women in their recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction for more than sixty years and relies completely on fundraisers and donations. This wonderful organization is a structured living facility for chemically dependent women that have been clean and sober for 3 days and truly want to change their lives and are ready to begin their recovery journey.

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A Review of Phoenix House Inc Mens Theraupetic Community

Through high quality treatment and care, Phoenix House in Calumet, Michigan has been assisting men and women in their recovery from alcohol and drug addiction since 1973. Utilizing 12-step recovery and cognitive therapy, Phoenix House provides their clients with the help and support they individually need to overcome their addiction for the long term and improve all areas of their lives.

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A Review of Orca House Inc.

The Orca House has been providing chemically dependent adults with the personal help and support they need to achieve a life of recovery for more than 60 years. Orca House is a highly structured intensive outpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment Center located in Cleveland, Ohio.

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A Review of Wyoming Recovery LLC

When your life’s controlled by drugs or alcohol the recovery process is far from easy for a while. Addiction is a serious relapsing illness that impacts a person’s life in many ways and learning how to live life without using can be challenging. Even though recovery can be very difficult at times the end result is definitely worth it so if you’re struggling with any type of drug addiction, effective treatment can change your life.

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A Review of Faith Family Recovery Center

When you’re battling chemical dependency to drugs or alcohol reaching abstinence can be very difficult, choosing the right treatment program that best fits your needs can make a big difference in your long term success. Everyone’s path of recovery from chemical dependency is different, for numerous people a spiritual journey offers the type of recovery that can help them achieve overall healing, lifelong abstinence and a new way of life.

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A Review of Harris House

Each person’s recovery needs are different when they’re addicted to drugs or alcohol so it can be difficult sometimes finding a treatment program that’s not too far away that offers the level of help a person needs. If you live in St. Louis though and you’re eighteen or older struggling with alcohol dependency or drug addiction, Harris House offers numerous high quality substance abuse treatment services.

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A Review of Hope House Inc.

The Hope House is an amazing organization located in Fort Wayne, Indiana that provides a residential transitional living facility for homeless women eighteen and older struggling with a substance use disorder. A small group of women established the Hope House in 1981 and through the years they’ve expanded. Their remarkable program today consists of a second transitional residence called Martha’s Place and they continue to save women’s lives.

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A Review of Above It All Treatment Center

If you’re seeking a drug and alcohol inpatient rehab facility for yourself or someone you know, Above It All treatment center in Lake Arrowhead, California provides beautiful residential facilities and numerous treatment programs. At Above It All, it doesn’t matter what type of chemical dependency you may be struggling with because their treatments are wide ranging and they specialize in treating coexisting mental health issues (dual diagnosis).

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A Review of Journey Home

During adolescents, teens commonly experiment with drugs and alcohol and sadly many of them develop serious problems and require treatment for chemical dependency at a very young age. Like many adults, numerous adolescents are struggling with mental health problems and other serious issues and turn to substance use to escape and make themselves feel better.

Today parents everywhere are faced with obtaining help for their teen which is a very difficult decision to make because there’s so many different treatment options to decide upon. A long term residential treatment program can be very effective for anyone suffering with addiction because they’re safe, substance free, structured and offer around the clock personal care and support.

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