A Review of Colonial Clinic

Colonial Clinic in Washington is a drug and alcohol treatment rehab provider in Spokane. Their unique substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment program is obtained in an outpatient supportive setting and includes effective confidential recovery care.

Quitting drugs or alcohol is part of the recovery process but it isn’t the toughest part. The battle is remaining abstinent while trying to live a clean and sober life on a daily basis. Any kind of chemical addiction is incredibly powerful and personalized professional care and support is very necessary for getting abstinent, staying abstinent and successfully living an abstinent lifestyle.

At Colonial Clinic, many of their staff are in recovery themselves and know the difficulties alcoholics and drug addicts face during active addiction and the overwhelming journey towards lasting sobriety. Their treatment programs are uniquely designed for the individual client and all clients receive highly supportive care during their addiction recovery process.

Colonial Clinic provides people the help they need to overcome active addiction and the knowledge and personal tools they need to maintain their sobriety. Their personalized holistic addiction recovery services are very structured and include closed group counseling, co-occurring disorder treatment and programs for families and loved ones.