A Review of 10th Street Clinic

10th Street Clinic in Wisconsin is a medication assisted treatment provider for opioid addictions that offers premier quality care for adults. Narcotic pain pills and heroin are widely used addictive opiates and when abused, can result in chronic addiction and sadly even death.

10th Street Comprehensive Treatment Center provides their patients with a medication assisted treatment program that will help them effectively overcome opioid addiction and fully recover. Opiate addiction medication assisted treatment services provided by 10th Street Comprehensive Treatment Center includes methadone, subutex and suboxone effective medications.

Overcoming an addiction to prescription painkillers, heroin or other opiates isn’t an easy process and requires skilled professional care. In an outpatient setting, patients of 10th Street Comprehensive Treatment Center are able to safely and comfortably begin their journey toward lifelong recovery from opioid addiction.