A Review of Healing Place

Men and women from all walks of life are unable to lead healthy full lives due to drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately chemical dependency is very common and crippling to a person’s life in many ways. Although there’s no cure for alcohol or drug addiction, with proper help and encouraging support people can change and rebuild their lives.

The substance abuse treatment recovery program at The Healing Place in Kentucky is extremely effective in helping addicted individuals break their active addiction for the long term. Clients of The Healing Place are men and women suffering from the powerful disease of addiction in need of recovery.

Through exceptional appropriate substance abuse treatment, 12 step philosophies, encouragement, motivation, and healthy positive support clients of The Healing Place gain the ability to change their lives for the better. The Healing Place provides a very unique and effective drug and alcohol addiction recovery program that helps men and women achieve abstinence and the tools needed to maintain their freedom.