A Review of LHRC Reality House

People from all walks of life battle drug or alcohol use problems but treatment can be more challenging to obtain if the individual struggling is pregnant or the mother of young children. Louisiana Health and Rehab Center provides substance abuse treatment in a residential setting specifically designed for mothers with dependent children and pregnant women known as Reality House.

At Reality House in Louisiana, women residents are able to receive the personal help and encouragement they need to discontinue negative unhealthy behaviors in an environment that’s safe and highly supportive. Reality House residential treatment program includes an extensive range of quality services to assist women and their dependent children in healing their lives and achieving nurturing, independent, healthy lifestyles.

Substance use disorder treatment at Reality House is evidence based, personalized and highly effective. Treatment includes 12-Step recovery and a wide range of additional care to help women successfully overcome destructive behaviors and develop the personal skills needed to achieve and maintain a lifestyle free from substance use.