A Review of Ebony House Inc

In Phoenix, Arizona Ebony House Inc. provides treatment for substance use disorders and a range of other behavioral health conditions. Their drug and alcohol treatment services are designed for male and female adults and include gender specific residential, outpatient and supportive housing levels of care.

Ebony House Inc. behavior health services are high quality and individually tailored according to the specific issues and level of care each person needs to improve their overall wellbeing. Outpatient behavioral healthcare provided by Ebony House is for individuals of all ages affected by behavioral health issues.

For the past four decades Ebony House in Arizona has been helping residents of Phoenix, Arizona establish a healthy life of mental, emotional and behavioral wellness. Whether one’s struggling with substance use, mental health problems or other behavioral issues, no over overcomes any of these personal struggles easily and without help and support. Ebony House offers the help and support struggling individuals need to effectively make positive life changes.