A Review of Anamika Recovery Center

If you know someone that’s actively drinking or using drugs to support their addiction you’re not alone. Substance abuse is one of the most common and serious health issues affecting countless lives throughout the United States. Even though alcohol is more commonly used and millions of people battle dependence, prescription medications and illicit drugs are also destroying an uncountable amount of lives any more.

There’s no easy way for a chemically dependent individual to overcome addiction or the problems in life substance use causes but they can heal and attain an abstinent lifestyle with the proper help. Drug and alcohol rehab providers like Anamika Recovery Center in California provide highly personalized treatment and support to chemically dependent people eighteen and older.

At Anamika Recovery Center drug and alcohol addiction treatment is holistic, 12-step based and very effective and supportive. Since 2007 adults battling drug and alcohol dependence have been receiving the treatment and support their need from Anamika Recovery Center to heal and attain the abilities needed to lead a clean and sober lifestyle.