A Review of Oxford House-Myrtle Beach

Recovery from addiction can be extremely stressful and many recovering alcoholics and drug addicts struggle immensely maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle even if they’ve received treatment. Unfortunately, obtaining long-term sobriety from addiction is tuff and relapse is very common. Recovering individuals struggling to maintain abstinence can benefit greatly residing in a sober living environment for a while.

Sober living houses are stable safe environments free from drugs and alcohol which is extremely necessary for anyone recovering from addiction. When faced with necessary lifestyle changes, recovering individuals can have a very difficult and stressful time remaining abstinent so it’s important to be in a healthy, stable and supportive environment until one’s comfortable with their sobriety.

Oxford Houses are transitional sober living homes that are run and supported by the residents recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. There are more than twelve hundred drug and alcohol-free Oxford Houses throughout the U.S. Each Oxford House is gender specific, depending on the location there are sober living Oxford Houses available for men, for women, and for women with children.

The Oxford House in South Carolina is an addiction recovery transitional living home for females that can occupy a total of six women recovering from chemical dependency. Like all Oxford Houses, residents equally share in paying the homes expenses and as long as the recovering resident remains abstinent they can stay until they’re confident in their ability to avoid relapse.