A Review of Clermont Recovery Center Inc

There’s many different reasons people begin abusing drugs or alcohol and unfortunately in the past decade or so, substance abuse has become a growing problem among adolescents and adults in many areas. Substance abuse is a very individualized issue so for treatment to be effective it needs to be personalized addressing each individuals varying issues and specific recovery needs.

Located in Batavia, Ohio residents seeking substance abuse treatment from Clermont Recovery Center, Inc. for drug or alcohol use issues receive customized treatment plans to assist them in their personal recovery journey. At Clermont Recovery Center drug and alcohol rehab services include individualized detox and treatment plans for alcohol, prescription drugs or any other type of drug or substance use.

Clermont Recovery Center in Ohio treats people with substance use disorders, mental health illness and co-occurring conditions and has been helping community residents overcome personal challenges and achieve and maintain overall wellness for more than three decades.