A Review of Astoria Pointe

In Oregon, men with drug or alcohol use problems can find the care and support they personally need to begin their journey toward healing and lifelong sobriety at Astoria Pointe. Astoria Pointe is a gender specific drug and alcohol rehab center exclusively for adult males that provides the critical treatment and tools men need to successfully overcome their addiction.

In a healing tranquil setting, Astoria Pointe in Oregon offers highly effective drug and alcohol treatment programs for all types of substance abuse in a residential setting and also offers an outpatient level of care. Substance abuse is commonly connected with co-occurring disorders and Astoria Pointe provides individualized treatment to those suffering with both conditions at the same time.

Drug and alcohol treatment services provided by Astoria Pointe include a full continuum of the highest quality care, a detoxification program and individually tailored treatment plans that address each male client’s personal recovery needs.