A Review of Missoula Indian Center

Missoula Indian Center offers healthcare services to urban Native Americans in Missoula, Montana providing quality care and support to residents with behavioral and mental health illnesses. Across Montana, alcohol and drug abuse are substantial health concerns sadly damaging many lives throughout the beautiful state.

At Missoula Indian Center, healthcare services include substance abuse treatment for alcohol use disorders, prescription drug problems, illicit drug use and co-occurring mental and emotional health conditions. Missoula Indian Center not only helps chemically dependent individuals overcome the effects addiction has caused in their lives but also assists families affected by a loved one’s disease heal their lives too.

Services provided by Missoula Indian Center in Montana are holistic and include a wide range of healthcare options to assist and support Urban Native Americans in achieving overall health and wellness. Substance abuse treatment and other healthcare services provided by Missoula Indian Center in Montana takes place in a healing therapeutic outpatient setting.