A Review of Northwest Substance Abuse Treatment

People from all walks of life are battling addiction and it’s heartbreaking because they’re unable to lead healthy and joyful lives. Substance abuse doesn’t discriminate and sadly pregnant women and women with young children are among the countless people in need of treatment for alcohol or drug dependency.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment needs vary greatly among those suffering. Every person’s treatment needs are different and gender has a big influence on recovery needs as well. Chemically dependent women that are pregnant have very different unique treatment needs but there aren’t a lot of rehab facilities that treat pregnant women.

Northwest Treatment Center in Oklahoma is a residential substance abuse rehabilitation center in Waynoka, Oklahoma. Their unique drug and alcohol rehab treatment services are specifically designed for female pregnant residents eighteen and older and for mothers with children up to twelve joining her in treatment.

Northwest Treatment Center is a long term substance abuse treatment facility that treats chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders providing their clients with an exceptional level of high quality care.