A Review of Walker Center

The power and control drugs and alcohol have over a person’s life when they’re battling addiction is intense and extremely destructive. The effects of addiction not only impact the health and life of an alcoholic or drug addict, families are sadly devastated and their lives are negatively impacted too.

Addiction treatment at the Walker Center in Idaho offers enormous healing and recovery to the chemically dependent client as well as their families and loved ones. Thousands of people suffering with addiction have begun their recovery with Walker Center and obtained the personal help they needed to heal and reclaim their lives.

The Walker Center provides top quality treatment for alcoholism, drug addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions to adults, adolescents and their families. Their alcohol and drug addiction treatment services include a complete range of affordable, high quality, gender specific care.

If you’re an adult 18 and over unable to overcome substance abuse due to addiction, highly effective treatment can be found at the Walker Center available in residential and intensive outpatient settings. Their residential treatment program also includes medically monitored detox for adults requiring this level of care. Intensive addiction treatment for adolescents and their families can be obtained in an outpatient setting at the Walker Center.