A Review of Moraine House Inc

Establishing a clean and sober lifestyle after treatment isn’t easy for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts no matter how motivated they are to their recovery. The risk of relapse during the early days and months of recovery from addiction is high and this is especially true for homeless recovering individuals and those living in unsafe environments.

Moraine House, a nonprofit corporation, is a post-treatment halfway house for recovering chemically dependent males 19 and older serious about their recovery from addiction. Treatment at Moraine House is 12 Step based, individualized and specifically designed to address each resident’s personal chemical addiction and recovery needs.

Moraine House in Indiana is an abstinence based structured home for thirteen recovering male alcoholics and drug addicts that want to overcome substance use and achieve long term sobriety. Residents of Moraine House obtain the personal treatment, tools and support they need to change unhealthy behaviors, make good choices and cope with life’s challenges.

While living at Moraine House residents not only obtain treatment they have rules and responsibilities, gain and maintain employment and participate in AA or NA meetings. While residing at Moraine House, residents receive the critical help they need to remain abstinent while establishing an independent and productive lifestyle until they’re ready to adapt to society on their own.