A Review of Thresholds Inc

Problems caused from alcohol and other forms of drug abuse both legal and illegal affect Delawareans from all walks of life. Prescription narcotics like Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet are among the commonly abused drugs in the state of Delaware. Sadly numerous Delawareans are struggling with opioid addiction due to pain pill misuse with many having moved onto heroin.

Today the use of heroin has hit epidemic levels, heroin’s grip is a growing concern everywhere affecting people of all ages from all walks of life leaving a trail of heartache and pain. In Delaware and throughout the United States heroin is inexpensive, extremely easy to get, high in purity, dangerous and deadly. The loss of life from heroin can sadly be felt everywhere in this country and Delaware is no exception.

In Delaware, Thresholds Inc. has been helping Delawareans with substance abuse problems find recovery for nearly three decades. Thresholds specializes in treating substance abuse and mental health issues and their effective quality drug and alcohol treatment programs are obtained on an outpatient basis.

Through individual evaluations and assessments, Thresholds Inc provides their clients with the necessary level of treatment and crucial help they personally need to be in control of their life and overcome their need for substance use. Substance abuse and mental health services provided by Thresholds Inc in Delaware are available in Georgetown, Lewes, and Milford.