A Review of Adapt

In recent years non-medical use of prescription drugs have become a significant problem in the U.S. and Oregon like many other states has seen a substantial rise in the number of people suffering due to misuse. In the past several years, Oregon has suffered the loss of a number of residents due to prescription drug related overdose and sadly continues to do so.

Alcohol, prescription medications and other mind altering drugs affect the lives of many adults and teens in Oregon and in the southern part of the state those seeking help can obtain quality treatment from Adapt. Substance abuse treatment and mental health services provided by Adapt are high quality and include both residential and outpatient levels of care for individuals in need of help.

Adapt in Oregon has been helping people overcome their use of alcohol and mind altering drugs and improve their lives for more than 4 decades. In Southern Oregon, adults and teens suffering from any form of substance abuse can obtain the personal level of treatment, support and care they need to successfully live a healthy lifestyle and manage their recovery.