A Review of Anthony Louis Center

Substance use among adolescents is a growing problem and significant public health concern throughout the United States anymore sadly. Young people are naturally curious and during adolescents many will try alcohol or experiment with other drug use occasionally and fortunately stop on their own without experiencing any serious consequences.

Alcohol and marijuana are the most frequently abused substances among adolescents and though most don’t continue experimenting with substance use, some end up developing serious problems because of continued use. If a parent suspects their adolescent child is experimenting with any form of substance use, they need to intervene immediately and if necessary, seek professional help for their child as soon as possible.

Understandably, seeking help is very scary and overwhelming for parents as well as their child but the worst thing parents can do is go into denial themselves because casual substance abuse can easily escalate into addiction.

Alcohol and drugs are commonly used among adolescents that also have mental health issues they’re dealing with so it’s important they obtain the appropriate level of help and support they need. In Minnesota, effective adolescent drug and alcohol treatment services can be obtained from Anthony Louis Center and they also treat co-existing mental health issues.

Twelve to eighteen year old adolescents qualifying for substance abuse and addiction treatment services at Anthony Louis Center in Minnesota receive the highest quality of treatment, care and support. Anthony Louis Center treatment services are located in Blaine, Burnsville, Woodbury, Plymouth and Eden Prairie in Minnesota.