A Review of Alcohol & Drug Recovery Center Inc.-Outpatient Counseling

In Connecticut, if the use of alcohol or drugs is causing problems in your life, look no further than Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers, Inc. (ADRC) in Hartford if you’re ready to receive help. They’re a private non-profit corporation that was founded in 1973, ADRC provides excellent high quality care to help people successfully bring lasting recovery in their lives.

It doesn’t matter what extent of help a person may need to achieve recovery either because ADRC offers a full range of high quality substance abuse treatment and recovery services. Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers operates numerous facilities in Connecticut and ADRC Outpatient Counseling Center on Coventry Street in Hartford is one of them.

ADRC Outpatient Treatment Services

ADRC’s Outpatient Counseling Center provides outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment for individuals seeking help for substance use, chemical dependency and coexisting mental health illness. Outpatient treatment isn’t effective for everyone though, this level of help is only appropriate for individuals needing a lesser level of help to attain recovery. Outpatient treatment provided by ADRC is personalized, offered in English and Spanish and includes a full range of high quality treatment services.

Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers, Inc. in Hartford, Connecticut provides a huge range of help for people in need of treatment due to substance use and chemical dependency. Outpatient Counseling Center is just one of the many different programs ADRC provides to help people heal and achieve long lasting recovery. If you’re ready to receive the help you personally need to free yourself from substance use, Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers in Connecticut can provide the level of care you need to finally reach that goal.