A Review of Positive Directions Center for Prevention and Recovery

When a person has a problem with drugs or alcohol it doesn’t take long before their behaviors to begin affecting their life in negative many ways. The abuse of alcohol and drugs don’t just compromise a person’s emotional and physical health, the effects go much further and deeper than that. No matter how difficult and painful a person’s life becomes, most people can’t successfully stop drinking or using drugs on their own for any length of time.

The same holds true for compulsive gamblers, gambling addiction affects people in all walks of life too and can end up destroying relationships and even careers. Even if a person is close to losing their home, family, or even their job because of their gambling problem, they find it next to impossible to control their behavior.

Positive Directions in Connecticut brings lasting recovery to adults, adolescents and families. In Westport, Connecticut Positive Direction provides help and support for those struggling with alcohol or drug use problems, compulsive gambling and mental health issues. Positive Directions offers prevention and treatment recovery services to adults, adolescents and families in Southwestern Connecticut.

Positive Directions remarkable programs are responsible for helping over ten thousand people yearly. A wide range of high quality treatment services are provided by Positive Directions including treatment for adolescent substance abuse, adult substance abuse, gambling problems, intervention services and much more.