A Review of Beacon House Residential Aftercare

Just because a person has received treatment to successfully detox and has been clean and sober for a few days doesn’t mean they’re ready to begin living life on their own yet. Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is a process that takes place in stages and the early days of recovery are much more difficult than most people may realize.

Early recovery is a very stressful and challenging time in a recovering addict’s life because they now have to adjust to life clean and sober on their own, this can be extremely overwhelming. Not only is this an anxious and frightening time for anyone in their recovery that wants to successfully overcome their addiction, it’s hard to resist temptations which can easily lead to a relapse.

Beacon House in Kentucky offers a structured safe living environment for men that have been clean and sober for three to five days and that want to successfully overcome their addiction to alcohol or drugs. The Beacon house is a Half-Way House that offers men much more than a temporary substance free place to live in during early recovery.

The Beacon House is a wonderful program that provides men with:

  • A 12 Step path of recovery
  • Individualized recovery plans
  • One-on-one guidance and healthy positive support
  • Important life skills

The Beacon House also provides education, knowledge and tools needed to maintain long term sobriety so that their clients are able to live independently and achieve a productive, happy, free lifestyle.