Employer Sponsored Substance Addiction Programs in Louisiana

You may not know it, but you may be qualified for an employer sponsored treatment program for addiction. The state of Louisiana has an option where the employer can intervene in your treatment and provide the necessary funds for addiction treatment in case there is a requirement.

The deductions from your salary are kept aside for this purpose and are needed when required. However there are some restrictions. The employee needs to be in service for a particular number of years before he or she can become eligible for the treatment. Also, there are only some kinds of treatment that qualify under this program. For more information, you can contact the human relations department of your workplace.

Another program that is designed for the betterment of the employees for substance abuse treatment in Louisiana is the Employee Assistance Program. This program helps employees for their addiction and also provides counseling to their families and provides emotional and financial help that is needed. Participation in this program is free and the details of the program are kept confidential unless the employee may wish to want them released with signed consent. Also, participation in the program guarantees job security after the addiction treatment is completed.

The main reason behind launching such employee programs for addiction treatment in Louisiana is the fact that employers want to keep up profitability in their organizations and don’t want to waste their employees to addiction and substance abuse. By providing them such guarantees and assistance, they are enabling more people to enter into drug rehab in Louisiana and alcohol rehab in Louisiana and at the same time ensuring that they do not lose out on their employees whom they have trained for the task they perform in their establishment.