Outpatient Substance Addiction Treatment in Washington

People generally think that there is only one kind of outpatient addiction treatment programs in Washington.

But the fact of the matter is the Washington has at least two distinct kinds of outpatient treatment programs and there are some others that closely resemble this manner of conducting the treatment.

The first program that comes to mind is the basic outpatient treatment program. This program works by calling in people for therapy for as many as nine hours in a week. This treatment program is carried out in the physician’s clinic. It can be carried out in both an individual treatment program as well as a group treatment program. The main crux of this program is to provide the medication to the person to allow for a detox to be carried out at home and to counsel them on what the addiction actually is and how it can be treated.

The second form of the outpatient substance abuse treatment in Washington is the intensive outpatient treatment program. This program is conducted for well over nine hours a week. The treatment sessions are staggered over the week almost on alternate days. Each session would last for three to four hours a day. This program is mainly targeted at people who are deep into addiction and probably also have severe health complications due to their addiction habit.

Another drug and alcohol treatment program in Washington can be considered to be outpatient. This is the day treatment program where people come in for treatment for about four hours everyday. They can continue staying at home while they get their treatment. Again, this is meant for aggressive forms of addictions.