A Review of Harborview Recovery Center

When a person is looking for help because they have a problem with drugs or alcohol they don’t even know for sure what kind of treatment they need in order to overcome their addiction. Most people are fearful to detox because the withdrawal process from any substance can be very unpleasant and possibly serious depending on the extent of the addiction. Sometimes it’s hard to find a recovery center for substance abuse and addiction that can provide the care and treatment a person individually needs in order to overcome their addiction.

A recovery center that helps people successfully overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol by providing them support and effective treatment programs is located in Chicago, Illinois called Harborview Recovery Center. You will be able to heal from your addiction and make positive choices in the future so that you can lead a substance free life.

Whether its alcohol, drugs or both you are medically supervised while going through detoxification and medications are available if necessary to help you stay as comfortable as possible during detox. There’s no need to worry about your detoxification process because their physicians are “certified in addiction medicine” keeping their patients safe and comfortable at all times.

Depending on a person’s recovery needs from alcohol or drug addiction, Harborview Recovery Center provides various treatment programs to help their clients overcome their addiction and learn how to successfully manage their recovery. Learning how to manage recovery from addiction on a daily basis takes healing, knowledge, skills and modifying our behaviors which you will receive during treatment at Harborview Recovery Center.

Harborview Recovery Center Treatment Programs for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

  1. Medically Supervised Detoxification
  2. Inpatient Residential Rehabilitation Program
  3. Partial Hospitalization
  4. Intensive Outpatient Program
  5. Family Program
  6. Continuing Care Program
  7. Programs to assist in healing spiritually
  8. Alumni Meeting

At Harborview Recovery Center in Illinois you will receive treatment that’s based on your individual needs throughout your recovery from addiction. You don’t have to do it on your own either, their dedicated staff is there to help you every step of the way. Their staff is committed to helping people heal from addiction so that they can recover and stay clean and sober in the future.