A Review of Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago

What we want most out of life for our children is that they grow up healthy, happy, learn from their mistakes and are able to follow their hopes and dreams. It’s not always easy making the right choices when you’re young though, sometimes adolescents make poor choices because they don’t fully understand the consequences behind them. Drinking alcohol and experimenting with substance use is something that many young people are doing today socially with their friends. They don’t realize just how easy it is to become dependent on them and the full impact their use of drugs or alcohol will have on their lives.

If our child is in need of help for drug or alcohol problems, it’s extremely important to find a substance abuse program that will provide continued education, motivation, positive support and effective treatment in a warm nurturing environment. An excellent program that provides chemical dependency treatment for adolescents is located in Minnesota called United Hospital District Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago which provides all of the above.

UHD Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago

With a dedicated professional staff which includes a registered nurse, medical director, and licensed counselors, adolescents receiving help for chemical dependency receive the education, support and help they need as they work toward their recovery.

Residential chemical dependency treatment is provided for young people, male and female ages 12 to 18 years old. Substance abuse treatment programs are based on the 12 step philosophy of support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Program services also include education by state licensed teachers that are on site at Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago.

Parents and family members are often apprehensive and worry about their children if they’re receiving substance abuse treatment in a residential facility but at Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago, family involvement is important. The family is part of their child’s treatment process from the beginning of treatment until your child is discharged which to me is a wonderful aspect of their program.

Our children have their whole lives ahead of them and chemical dependency can destroy their health and future very fast without help. Parents can rest assured that their child will receive the help and support they need to recover from alcohol or substance abuse at the Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago in Minnesota because their staff is devoted to helping young people succeed.