A Review of Hand of Hope

Hand of Hope is located in Ashland, Kentucky and they provide a wide range of programs for alcohol, drug and mental health issues. Since 2009 they have provided help for people struggling with alcohol problems, drug addiction and mental health needs. Their clients are children, adolescents and adults who are in need of guidance and support for issues that are affecting their lives. Their clients are always treated with the highest level of respect and dignity in a warm and comforting environment.

Hand of Hopes Outpatient Suboxone Treatment Program

Substance abuse touches the lives of people in all age groups including their families and loved ones. Hand of Hope provides a Suboxone Treatment Program to help people seeking recovery from their drug addiction. Their clients receive therapy along with Suboxone treatment so they can learn the necessary skills they need to overcome their addiction and learn how to live a healthy substance free lifestyle.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling provided by Hand of Hope

Alcohol and Drug Counseling is also provided by Hand of Hope in Kentucky as well as First Offense and Multi Offender services. Counseling is provided for individuals, families, and couples for drug, alcohol and mental health issues.

Behavioral Health Services provided by Hands of Hope

There are a variety of services provided by Hands of Hope to help people with mental health needs. When a person suffers from anxiety or depression or other mental health issues it affects all areas of the life and well-being. Behavioral Health Services provided by Hand of Hope include Adult Mental Health, Anger Management, Domestic Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Gender Specific Program and they have more than 20 years of experience in Couples Counseling.

Sometimes we need guidance, help and support dealing with emotional issues, alcohol or drug abuse, problems within the family and other areas of our life that’s affecting our emotional and physical health. It’s important to seek professional help dealing with issues that are affecting our happiness, health and well-being. At Hands of Hope, their clients are provided with the help they need so they can work through issues, heal and be happy again.