A Review of 21st CARE, LLC

We can’t change unhealthy or destructive behaviors if we don’t understand why we have them in the first place. Many people who suffer from addiction don’t always receive the right help they need in order to successfully maintain their recovery. There are so many areas of a person’s life that need to be addressed so that an individual can start making healthy choices. No two people are alike so treatment has to be based on a person’s individual addiction and unhealthy behaviors.

There’s an outpatient program located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana called 21st Care that understands the importance of providing individualized treatment for their clients. Their clients are even able to help in directing their own treatment plan.

21st Care provides their clients with intensive outpatient treatment for addictive behaviors and substance use disorders helping them to understand why their making unhealthy choices and decisions. When their clients are able to recognize thoughts and feelings that are associated with their behaviors that are unhealthy, it’s much easier for them to make changes and healthy choices.

21st Care Program

Intensive Outpatient Program is an 8 week program for substance use disorders and addictive behaviors and includes individual therapy and 52 weeks of after care.

  1. Substance use evaluations
  2. Drug and alcohol education classes
  3. Adult ADD/ADHD evaluations
  4. Drug screens

If you haven’t had success overcoming your addiction or you’re suffering from other obsessive, compulsive destructive behaviors, find a treatment program that helps you fully understand your unhealthy behaviors so you can successfully change them. 21st care in Louisiana can help you make those changes so that you can lead a happy fulfilling life. You deserve to be happy and seeking help from 21st care is a step in the right direction.