A Review of Vision House

There are a lot of people who have tried to stop drinking or abusing drugs but in their own home environment, find it very difficult staying away from them. A recovery option that is very beneficial for a person who is serious about staying off of alcohol and drugs are Sober Living Homes. Most sober living homes don’t provide detoxification for their residents but provide them a safe and substance free environment and recovery programs to aid them in their recovery. There is more than one resident in a sober living home and each person has responsibilities, rules and conditions they have to abide by.

Sober Living Homes provide a safe and positive environment for people who want to stay clean and sober because drug and alcohol use is not permitted and not allowed on the property or in the residence either. Vision House in Las Vegas provides a sober living home for both men and women while recovering from drug or alcohol use. They support and assist residents in their recovery and expose them to various recovery programs during their stay.

Evidence based and spiritual based self-help programs are very beneficial to a person’s recovery from alcohol or drug abuse and Vision House helps their residents find self-help programs they’re comfortable with and that will best fit their needs.

If you’re a resident of Vision House you will have house rules and conditions that need to be followed because there are other residents recovering too. The staff at Vision House wants their residents stay to be “a positive and beneficial experience” during their recovery. They have helped many men and women turn their lives around so they can enjoy life and I know they can help you too.

It can be extremely difficult when a person stops drinking or using drugs to stay clean and sober when they are staying in their home environment. It’s also important to have healthy support and to be surrounded by others who understand what you’re going through. Sober Living Homes like Vision House located in Las Vegas, Nevada provide a safe substance free environment for people who really want to stay clean while working on their recovery.