A Review of Addiction Counseling and Educational Resources

If you’re battling drug or alcohol addiction or if you know someone who is, you know how disabling this disease is. Addiction is crippling not only to the user but to everyone near and dear to the person suffering from the dependence to drugs or alcohol. When it comes to seeking help for alcoholism or substance abuse most people are apprehensive and don’t even know where to start. There are many different recovery programs available today but they don’t all provide their clients with individualized treatment and care.

Choosing a treatment center that provides all of the necessary tools that promote a successful recovery isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Addictions Counseling and Educational Resources (ACER) in Louisiana is a treatment program that provides their clients with personalized care making sure that their recovery needs are met at all times. Their clients are inspired to live a healthy life that’s functional and productive as well.

Services Provided by ACER

  1. Chemical dependency assessments
  2. Inpatient referral
  3. Ambulatory outpatient detox
  4. Intensive outpatient program
  5. Individual therapy
  6. Family counseling
  7. Aftercare-recovery maintenance groups
  8. Drug screening
  9. Anger management groups
  10. Addiction education program
  11. Medication maintenance group
  12. Mood management group

As you see, ACER has a wide variety of services that are offered for their clients in order to meet their own unique specific needs. If you’re seeking treatment for alcohol or drug addiction or if you know someone who is, ACER can provide you with the tools and skills necessary to reach your recovery goals so you too can lead a happy substance free life.

Addictions Counseling and Educational Resources has experienced clinicians that specialize in individualized treatment plans and are dedicated to helping their clients develop the skills necessary to lead healthy, productive substance free lives.