A Review of Hoy Recovery Program Inc.

Hoy Recovery Program has helped thousands of people since 1974 providing them with effective programs and services promoting health and well-being for individuals in Northern New Mexico that are suffering from substance abuse, alcoholism, and addictive dependencies.

They have a wonderful caring professional staff that are not only highly skilled and experienced, but that are also committed to helping their clients in need of recovery as well as their health and well-being. They help their clients to take control of their lives and to grow and build their self-respect and personal self-worth.

Because substance abuse and alcoholism is a disease that affects the mind, body and spirit, the whole person is treated not just the addiction at Hoy Recovery. They want and help their clients to be successful in their future abstinence, to be able to keep a job, and to be able to manage their drinking on their own.

Hoy Recovery Programs Services

  1. Inpatient and Outpatient Programs
  2. Inpatient Social Detoxification
  3. Clinically Managed Detoxification From Alcohol
  4. 7 Day Process
  5. Provides Physical Care
  6. Education
  7. Counseling

Inpatient 90 Day Community Integration Program

  1. 90 Day Program
  2. Individual Counseling
  3. Group Counseling
  4. Family Counseling
  5. Support Group Meetings
  6. Structured Social Activities
  7. Employment and Educational Support
  8. Self-Awareness Groups

Regular Outpatient Services

  1. Provided upon request by their qualified staff
  2. These services are provided for inpatient clients and outpatient clients

Intensive Outpatient Program

  1. For employed clients that need long term outpatient treatment
  2. Phase I-highly structured 7 week program

Phase II

  1. 8 to 10 Week Program
  2. Education Family Counseling
  3. Peer Group Counseling

Phase III

  1. 6 Week Program
  2. Family Participation
  3. Counseling

Phase IV

  1. Aftercare Needs
  2. Relapse Prevention For 35 Weeks

Hoy Recovery Program Inc. in New Mexico is a wonderful alcohol and substance abuse recovery program has empowered and helped thousands of people get their life back and successfully manage their recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction and relies on donations in order to do so.