A Review of Cadas-Scholze Center for Adolescents

Recovering from alcohol or drug abuse can be frightening and overwhelming no matter what age a person is but for adolescents, even more so. Scholze Residential Treatment Center is located in Tennessee and provides adolescents between the ages of 13 through 18, male and female, residential treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.

The Scholze Residential Treatment Center in Tennessee is run by trained professionals and is a 45-60 day adolescent program that operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day providing a serene and peaceful atmosphere. They provide their young clients with comprehensive current treatment making sure that all aspects of their recovery needs are addressed. They have helped thousands of adolescents find freedom from the use of drugs and alcohol and regain hope for “happier, healthier and productive lives”.

There’s no need to worry about a young person getting behind in their school work while receiving treatment at Scholze Adolescent Center because they also operate a “school licensed by the Hamilton County Board of Education and the State of Tennessee”.

Scholze Adolescent Center provides their young clients with treatment for drug and alcohol addiction as well as addressing other areas of their life that is just as important which includes their physical, emotional, spiritual, family and educational needs.

Scholze Adolescent Center provides their clients with a variety of programs for their clients to participate in while in treatment and they also provide aftercare for one full year after treatment is completed.

Adolescents not only receive comprehensive current treatment and schooling but they also participate in meditation and relaxation classes, small group therapy, one on one counseling, weekly care plan review, a theater program, video and lectures that are specific to substance abuse, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention workshops, therapeutic work activities, gender group counseling recreation, family program activities, and traditional classroom activities.

If there’s a young person in your life in need of help for alcohol or drug addiction, Scholze Treatment Center can help them find freedom from the use of alcohol or drugs and “regain hope for a happier, healthier and productive life’ with a professional staff that cares.