A Review of Montana Chemical Dependency Center

Montana Chemical Dependency Center (MCDC) provides treatment for people that are 18 years of age and older that are diagnosed with an addiction to drugs or alcohol or those that suffer from mental disorders including addiction or also referred to as co-occurring disorders. This is Montana’s only inpatient chemical dependency treatment center that’s administered by their state.

Their patients receiving treatment for chemical dependency are screened and referred from;

  1. Licensed Addiction Counselors
  2. State Approved Community Based Outpatient and Inpatient Providers
  3. Private practitioners
  4. Indian Reservation Programs

Montana Chemical Dependency Center is located in Butte, MN. funded with alcohol tax dollars and provides their patients with care around the clock. Services include detoxification and a wide range of medically monitored treatments for patients suffering from chemical dependency and they’re able to help around 700 patients every year.

Some of the treatment services Montana Chemical Dependency Center provides for individuals receiving inpatient treatment include; defined medical and detoxification procedures, intensive individual and group therapy, defined mental health services, education for preventing relapse, continued care planning and follow-up spiritual opportunities and family participation.