A Review of Atlantic Rehabilitation Services

Morristown Memorial Hospital is part of Atlantic Rehabilitation Services quality health care facilities. There are a vast amount of high quality health care services provided by Atlantic Health and Morristown Memorial Hospital is one of them. Mental Illness affects most families throughout the United States one way or another either directly or indirectly. Morristown Memorial Hospital in New Jersey has a wonderful team of behavioral health experts offering high quality comprehensive and accessible care for their patients who are in need of recovery.

Overlook Hospital is another one of Atlantic Health’s healthcare services which offers the same high quality Behavioral Health services and treatment options to their patients dealing with Behavioral Health. Both Overlook Hospital and Morristown offer inpatient and outpatient behavioral services which include adolescent programs, adult services and geropsychiatric care.

The Behavioral Health Services offered at Morristown Memorial and Overlook Hospital

24 Hour Crisis Intervention, no matter what time of the day it is their crisis intervention professionals are available and ready to help individuals in need. Sometimes a traumatic event, the loss of a loved one or maybe personal problems that are unresolved leads to a personal crisis. Assessments, crisis stabilization and inpatient or outpatient treatment service is provide for the patient.

Behavioral Medicine is offered to adults that need help coping with health problems. Behavioral medicine helps the patient cope with chronic illnesses more effectively which improves the patients well-being.

Child and Adolescent Services helps children and adolescents with anxiety, develop coping skills and find better ways to deal with relationship issues. Family, group, and individual counseling are included in Behavioral Health Services for children and adolescents. Trained and experienced licensed therapists not only help the children and adolescents but help the families too.

Comprehensive Group and Individual Outpatient Services is a short term psychotherapy that’s goal-focused which helps adults cope with anxiety, depression, stress, marital problems, and family issues. They also offer special groups for women, older adults and family members of drug and alcohol abusers. There are several services that are included in this outpatient service, these include; family and marital counseling, family education and workshops, individual counseling, medication management, psychiatric assessments and psychotherapy.

The Compulsive Gambling Program includes individual evaluations and individual or group therapy. Compulsive gambling is a progressive behavior disorder; this program is designed to help the problem gambler and their family members.

Chemical Dependency Services are designed to help adults who are dependent on drugs or alcohol get the treatment they need to overcome their addiction. Evaluations are completed on each patient which helps to determine the individuals treatment approach that’s needed for them to recover from dependency. In order for the patient to remain at home and continue to work chemical dependency programs are accessible on an outpatient basis.

Other Behavior Health Services

  1. Geropsychiatric Services
  2. Inpatient Hospitalization
  3. Partial Care and Intensive Outpatient Programs
  4. Therapeutic Brain Stimulation
  5. Access Center for Outpatient Care

Chemical Dependency Treatment Options

  1. Intensive outpatient Services
  2. Early Intervention
  3. Relapse Prevention
  4. Intensive Aftercare Services
  5. Referrals to Detoxification Services
  6. Psychoeducational Programs
  7. Drug Screenings
  8. Dual Diagnosis Programs for both Chemical and Mental Health Issues
  9. Couple and Family Counseling
  10. Codependency Counseling and Education

DWI Program

Morristown Memorial Hospital and Overlook Hospital also provides a chemical dependency program offering a state-approved ‘Driving While Intoxicated Program’.