A Review of Valley Healthcare Systems in West Virginia

Valley HealthCare System has been around since 1969 and was founded by West Virginia University. In 1972 after Valley Counseling Service affiliated with The Human Resource Association they merged as Valley Community Mental Health Services. At one time Valley was a small counseling center that was located at the University building in their basement. They have grown into a large comprehensive behavioral health program that serves multiple counties.

Throughout the years, Valley has expanded their program which includes services for people with disabilities, people with developmental disabilities, mental health issues, and for individuals with problems stemming from chemical dependency. Valley is a nonprofit organization that’s making a huge positive difference in the lives of the people in the counties of Monongalia, Marion, Preston and Taylor.

Chemical Dependency is one of the remarkable services Valley offers which includes adolescent outpatient service, adult outpatient service, and residential treatment services. Descriptions of Valley’s Chemical Dependency services that are offered are listed below.

Outpatient Services for Adolescents

  1. Substance abuse counseling for addiction and recovery.
  2. Counseling is offered for the children of addicts and alcoholics.
  3. Screening and consultation is part of Valley’s adolescent outpatient service.
  4. Valley offers a wellness program and counseling service which is provided in the school.
  5. ROPES is a challenge course which includes therapeutic team building activities.
  6. Hiking, camping, and horseback riding are among the experiential therapy activities integrated in their outpatient services for adolescents.

Outpatient Services for Adults

  1. Substance abuse counseling for addiction and recovery
  2. The adult outpatient program includes counseling for individuals that are co-dependent, adult children of addicts and alcoholics, and members of the family.
  3. DUI Services education and intervention.
  4. Public Intoxication education and intervention.
  5. Drug and Alcohol assessments including recommendations for treatment.
  6. Intensive adult outpatient programs join together weekly for 9 hours, 3 days a week.
  7. Screening and consultation is part of Valleys adult outpatient service.
  8. ROPES is a challenge course which includes therapeutic team building activities.
  9. Educational lectures are included in adult outpatient services.
  10. Valley’s Residential Services for Chemical Dependency.
  11. Alpha Chemical Dependency Treatment Unit.

This is a community based addiction treatment residential program for adult men and women who are chemically dependent. This program addresses the mental, social, physical and spiritual areas of recovery from dependency.

New Beginnings Extended Care Program for Women

This is an extended care program for adult women who are chemically dependent. The program focuses on problems associated with substance abuse for women and their needs during recovery. This is a voluntary program that lasts for 12 weeks but can vary depending on the needs of the individual resident.

Valley HealthCare System in West Virginia is improving their community’s health because they deliver the highest quality behavior health care which is directed towards their client’s needs!