A Review of Aldersgate Youth Service Bureau in Pennsylvania

Aldersgate is a non for profit organization with multiple programs that serves their community offering counseling, education for substance abuse and the prevention of substance abuse, community outreach and foster care. It’s extremely obvious that Aldersgate cares about their community and young people doing everything they can to promote a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Aldersgate Aldersgate Youth Service Bureau in Pennsylvania has been around for more than 35 years, and their staff consists of more than 25 highly skilled professionals that are dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible to their community. Currently Aldersgate is a youth and family social service agency. They provide services to the residents of Montgomery, Philadelphia and Bucks counties.

Services Offered by Aldersgate

ASPIRE which is an Alternative Structured Program that promotes Individual Responsibility and Education. This program is constructed to help individuals that are under the age of 21 with education related to alcohol and/or other drug related offenses. Legal and personal issues are addressed for each individual participant. This program consists of 6 sessions, an individual meeting, 4 group meetings with other participants and 1 family session.

Counseling Services Offered

  1. Individual, Family, and Marital Counseling
  2. Counseling Focuses on Ways to Develop Stronger Self-Esteem
  3. Developing Positive Communication Skills
  4. Getting the Best out of Relationships
  5. Parenting Issues
  6. Anger Management
  7. Behavioral Issues that are School Related
  8. Substance Abuse Subjects and Concerns

Preventing Substance Abuse Program

Preventing substance abuse is taken very seriously by Aldersgate Youth Service Bureau and they work hard with the schools and community in reducing and the prevention of substance abuse among the children and their youth. There are specific areas they target, reducing the intended use of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs among the elementary students and middle and high school students. Aldersgate has designed special classroom and community activities which encourage children, teens, young adults and families to lead a healthy and drug free life.

Substance Abuse Alternatives (SAA)

SAA is a very unique educational opportunity for teenagers that have been cited for underage drinking violations for the first time. They offer a structured educational program that is curriculum based in a very relaxed and comfortable setting with their peers.

In this relaxed environment they explore alcohol and drug information which helps teens and young adults learn about peer pressure and other important issues that relate to alcohol and substance abuse. This program is straight forward giving facts associated with the serious dangers of substance abuse and the legal and physical consequences substance use entails. This program is designed for teens and young adults and offers important topics of information such as:

  1. Legal Issues and Consequences
  2. Effects of Alcohol on Human Physiology
  3. Effects of Drugs other than Alcohol
  4. Progression of Substance Abuse
  5. Healthy Coping and Problem Solving Skills
  6. AIDS and other STD Education
  7. The Effect of Substance Abuse on Families

Foster Care Program

Aldersgate also has a foster care program which provides placement that is safe for children that are unable to live with their birth parents associated with abuse or neglect. Ongoing counseling and support is also provided to the children and families, this is extremely important and is a necessity for everyone involved. Aldersgate makes every effort to reunite each child with their birth families if at all possible.

School Based Programs

Aldersgate works with school districts in the area providing school-based mental health support to identified students, their families and the community. Counseling is provided to students in their classrooms, one-on-one counseling or in small group sessions. Some of the reasons students are referred to Aldersgate includes; low self-esteem issues, socializing and peer related problems, poor performance academically, poor attendance in school, negative behavior in school, anxiety that is school related, personal loss and grief issues, family stress and anger management.

Aldersgate also participates with members of a Student Assistance Program referred to as SAP. Counseling that is school-based helps students understand and over-come problems related to drug and alcohol issues, troublesome behavior, academic failure, behavior that is self-destructive, depression and other mental health concerns as well as truancy.