A Review of Weems Mental Health Alcohol Abuse Program in Mississippi

In 1970 Weems Community Mental Health Center started out with 30 employees through 9 countries and is now an organization that employs over 225 employees and has over 200,000 clients every year. They have a huge range of services they offer now, they started out as basic outpatient mental health counseling. Now they offer more structured services which includes:

  1. Children’s Day Treatment Programs
  2. Employee Assistance Programs
  3. Residential and Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
  4. Services for the elderly

Even though their Mental Health Facility has grown their mission hasn’t changed. They are always working to improve the emotional health of their local communities. The emotional health and well-being of their community and clients is what’s important at Weems Community Mental health Center.

The staff at Weems Mental Health Center in Mississippi understands just how difficult it is today for people when it comes to stress, depression and other mental health disorders, family problems, children’s issues and substance abuse. Weems provides a range of outpatient services for their clients including health services for children, adolescents and adults.

These services include mental health therapy, medication evaluation and management, case management and more. Outpatient and residential treatment for substance abuse and addiction programs are also available at Weems Mental Health.

Weems offers treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders that are professional and cost-effective. Treatment programs at Weems cover a variety of problems associated with substance abuse. It’s important to address substance abuse problems when they first start to arise; their treatment programs address these problems as well as problem issues associated with addiction and dependency.

Programs offered at Weems incorporates the 12 Step program and they are certified by the Mississippi Department of Mental health.

Weems LifeCare Information for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Services

This is a 30 day Residential Treatment Program for substance use disorders Weems makes available to men and women who are 18 years of age and older. Their Extended Treatment Program allows clients to go beyond their inpatient 30 day program. With this program their clients are able to work during the day. Their clients are able to stay up to 60 days in their three quarter way program. Funding is made available for clients that are eligible through the Mississippi Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This program consists of 3 group meetings a week for 10 consecutive weeks that takes place after business hours. This allows people the ability to keep their normal work schedule for the most part. Weems LifeCare also offers individual counseling because it’s an essential part of their Intensive Outpatient Program. The individual’s initial assessment determines their eligibility for the Intensive Outpatient Program. Those eligible for this program can’t have dependency and they have to be able to abstain from using substances during the program.

Aftercare services are provided for 2 years at no charge to those individuals that have completed primary treatment. Weems LifeCare also provides treatment for many drug courts, the Recovering Nurses Program through the Mississippi Board of Nursing and the Veterans Administration.