A Review of Albany Addiction Associates in Georgia

Private Clinic Albany (PCA) is a Methadone Clinic in Albany Georgia who understands just how easy it is to become addicted to Opiates like Heroin and prescription drugs. The philosophy of the clinic is straight forward and simple, they exist for the sole purpose of offering people treatment for substance abuse and addiction to prescription pain medication and Heroin.

At Private Clinic Albany they realize how strong addiction is and just how easy it is to become addicted to Codeine, Dilaudid, Heroin, Hydrocodone, Lortab, Lorcet, Percocet, Percodan, Morphine, Oxycodone and Oxycontin. They are here to make a difference in the lives of those addicted to Opiates because they care.

Their slogan states ‘stop using…start living’. Private Clinic Albany is committed to providing their patients with all the opportunities they need so they can start living a normal life again. They understand that addiction to drugs breaks the families apart and destroys them, lives become broken and dreams die. They understand that due to addiction the only thing important to the user is finding their next pill.

Jonathan P. Connell is the Administrator at the Methadone Clinic and finds it fulfilling to see families restored and dreams regained for those who have lost so much through addiction. Many of their patients for the first time in their lives find a new meaning and purpose in their life and that makes it all worth wild. Jonathan is committed to treating those who are addicted with dignity and respect because they’re no different than anyone else.

Services Offered at Private Clinic Albany

Individual Counseling is a requirement for any patient attending opiate treatment programs. Each patient is assigned a counselor for one-on-one counseling sessions which is designed for the individual needs of the patient.

Treatment Planning is an important tool in their recovery process. During the individual counseling session the patient and counselor work out a treatment plan together, this plan is designed with the patient’s specific problems and goals in mind.

Family Counseling is recommended and encouraged for every patient that receives treatment. At Private Clinic Albany in Georgia they realize how important family is and that family is the patient’s best support system. This is especially true for the patient while going through the recovery process.

Case Management is provided to all of their patients who receive treatment. Many patients need help and referrals to other agencies for financial, medical, housing, or mental services.

Group Sessions are the most powerful motivators involving change among addicted individuals. PCA provides group sessions for all of their patients who are admitted to the program, these group sessions are part of their treatment process. It is very beneficial and therapeutic for patients to be with individuals they can relate to and who are going through the same addiction process.

Opiate addiction is a serious problem in this country and it will become an even bigger problem in the years to come. The Methadone Clinic in Albany GA called Private Clinic Albany is there to help.