The Day Treatment Program for Substance Abuse in Illinois

Most people who have heard about the day treatment program in Illinois are quite confident that this is the best and the most convenient form of substance abuse treatment that the state has churned out.

It is true that the program is really convenient as it does not want the person to be isolated but has a planned three to four hours therapy per day for the patient. But at the same time, it must be said that this treatment is not for everyone.

The day addiction treatment program in Illinois is after all an outpatient treatment program. Being an outpatient program, it cannot be expected to be a severe form of treatment. The program is indeed mild and won’t work for people who are in severe cases of addiction. Such people would want a complete detox program to cleanse out the toxins that collect in their body. This will be especially needed if the person has been with the addiction for a long period of time, and has probably developed some kind of immunity towards the substance.

People who for some reason are not able to work up a determination to stay away from their substance of addiction will also do much better with an inpatient form of treatment instead of the day treatment program. Hence, if you are considering options on getting treatment for your substance abuse in Illinois through a day treatment program, you need to first consider whether this program will be really suitable for you. A counselor on substance abuse in Illinois can help you with that.