Codependency Issues in Family Addiction Treatment

Codependency has always been a problem in addiction treatment in New Hampshire, but the issue has really come to the fore in recent times.

At a national level, this issue is being discussed quite vehemently and measures are being put into place so that there is no codependent involved that makes addiction treatment a futile process.

Family is the most important unit where codependency is concerned. Unknowingly, the family does a lot of things that take the person away from getting treatment. One best example is where the family covers up for the patient’s addiction by hiding it from society. But, without their intention, they are actually fueling the addiction problem in the person. The person will not realize this way that the addiction is something that he or she must not do because the family has become a hand-in-glove agency in the addiction. This is what codependency is all about.

Every alcohol and drug rehab in New Hampshire now has proper measures put in place to solve codependency problems in family. Even the intervention program in New Hampshire very strongly tries to remove codependency from the system. Intervening at the right time and making the family understand that they are actually hampering the treatment with this kind of attitude makes this possible. This is kept up by making the family understand how they should cope with the addiction.

The solving of codependency in family is proving to be a major contribution to the reduction of drug and alcohol addiction in New Hampshire.