Why are Employer Sponsored Programs given so much Emphasis in treating Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction in Missouri?

One of the most significant strategies in treating the problem of drug and alcohol addiction in Missouri is to bring employers into the fray. There are various forms of addiction treatment programs that can be sponsored by the employers and for this the state government of Missouri provides the employers with various incentives. However, the employer stands to gain a lot more if he or she participates in the addiction treatment program of an employee. The employer will be able to retain a worker who probably is set into the rules of the company and save on the training expenses for a new employee. At the same time, the employer will be able to improve performance of the employee by pulling him or her out of an addiction.

Even the intervention program in Missouri leans heavily on the employer. The intervention specialist will make the employer speak of job security to the employee even if the employee has to participate in an addiction treatment program. In addition, the employer may also be trained in properly encouraging the employee to go through the treatment. However, for that, the employer will need to approach the intervention program.

The day treatment program for alcohol and drug addiction in Missouri is specifically designed for employees to keep on working while undergoing their addiction treatment. These programs are conducted on a daily basis, for three to four hours a day, but the person is otherwise free for the whole day. Thus, the person can keep up with the job while the addiction treatment is going on.

In this way, there are a lot of options for employers to participate in the overall addiction treatment program in Missouri for their employees.