Why is the Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction in Alabama so much on the rise?

One of the main reasons behind any state having a potent drug abuse problem is the easy availability of the substance within the area. Some groups of people have a natural propensity to consume drugs, but if the drug is not available to them, they will not embark into an addiction. However, the drug addiction in Alabama has been heightened in a major way because of the easy accessibility that people of this state have to the substance.

Looking at the figures of drug addiction in Alabama, it can be clearly seen that the number of people into a marijuana addiction are at the top. Marijuana is easily available to Alabamans from outer states and Alabama itself is a major producer of marijuana. Both locally produced and imported marijuana is not so expensive for the people and that explains the high rate of marijuana drug addiction in Alabama.

But marijuana is only a starting issue. Marijuana is a mild drug. People who have a marijuana addiction for sometime will try a stronger drug. Alabama sees a fatter supply of cocaine than of heroine. That explains the reason why cocaine drug addiction in Alabama is at a higher rate than a heroin drug addiction.

Adding to the problem of drug addiction in Alabama is the easy availability of recently famous drugs such as methamphetamine. Methamphetamine addiction in Alabama is on the rise, especially in nightclubs. This drug is locally manufactured in labs as well as brought in from various parts of the world.