Why is Methamphetamine Addiction a Greater Scare in Australia?

Methamphetamine is one of the most formidable chemical dependency drugs of the world today. Its tentacles have spread all over the world, especially in the developed countries where meth has redefined some kinds of party cultures. In some of these underground parties, methamphetamine is a must-have. People collectively snort, smoke, inhale and inject the drug, and experience the high that it creates.

This may be a global situation, but the meth addiction is certainly a bigger scare in Australia than in any other country of the world. In most places of this continent, meth is abused to a great extent. Teenagers are into meth addiction largely too, which makes the situation quite formidable. When meth addiction is started out at an early age, it has lasting effects and even an intensive meth treatment program cannot effectively cure the harm that the drug causes on the body.

But what makes meth extremely dangerous Down Under is the fact that most people use it here by injecting. Studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that 90% of the people who claim using methamphetamine for recreation consume it by injecting it into their bodies.

So, why is injecting methamphetamine more dangerous than any other mode of usage? It is dangerous because people who consume meth are on such a high that they are least concerned about hygiene and health protection. The syringes are used commonly by several people, especially if meth is used on a community scale. This increases the risk of infections such as AIDS. In fact, meth use is very closely connected with AIDS figures in Australia today.

Also, meth causes the person to get on to a sexual high. This can directly induce people at the party to have unprotected sexual releases with each other. This can expose the users to a vast number of risks.

The drug addiction situation in Australia is quite grave with the introduction of methamphetamine as a party drug that’s preferably injected. Immediate steps must be taken to remedy the situation.